Merchandise Pick-Up

For your convenience, we will pre-pull orders of $500 or more to expedite your pick-ups. We require a 24-hour advance notice to pre-pull your order.

Returned & NSF Checks

All returned checks are subject to a $45.00 fee. The account will be placed on hold until the returned check is paid either by cash, money order, bank check or wire transfer. After receiving an NSF check, the account will be placed on a cash basis for the next 6 (six) purchases. They are to be paid by cash, money order, bank check or wire transfer – no exceptions. Should there be a second NSF check the account will be placed on a “cash only” basis indefinitely. If a check is returned in error by your bank, a letter from your bank is required before we will once again honor your checks. 

Merchandise Warranty

Defective Merchandise: Claims for defective merchandise or missing parts must be made within 24hrs from date received. No merchandise returns will be accepted without original packaging and/or prior authorization from Today’s Furniture Distributors. We will not exchange any merchandise previously assembled. Please check items before assembly.

Damaged Merchandise: Damage claims must be made against the carrier. 

Marketing and Copy Right

Clients of Todays Furniture Distributors are granted permission to use the photos of the items displayed on our website for marketing purposes. These photos can be utilized in various marketing materials, including but not limited to websites, social media, print materials, and advertisements.

Clients utilizing the photos of items from our website for marketing purposes must adhere to the following pricing markup requirement:

  • Any pricing displayed in marketing materials must be marked up by at least 30% of the original price listed on the Todays Furniture Distributors website.

Restocking Fee

Should there be a reason for merchandise to be returned, a 20% restocking fee, from invoiced cost, will be charged on all merchandise that was pre-pulled or not shipped damaged or incorrectly. 


Need help?

Contact us at todaysfurniture305@gmail.com for questions related to refunds and returns.